Congratulations on taking your first step down the long road to the martial arts way of life!!!

The path you have begun requires hard work and constant willingness to do your best. Strive to exceed your own personal limits. A love for yourself and for your art, self-motivation, and dedication are all keys to success, both as a martial artist and as an individual.

With each step you take, you will find yourself moving up the ladder learning to become a master one rank at a time. A well rounded martial artist should show purity of mind and spirit as well as a mastery of physical skills.

We, the staff of The Kung Fu Academy, are dedicated to helping each student become the best they can be. Our love and knowledge of the martial arts is happily shared with all who put forth the effort to learn.

We would deeply enjoy seeing every student progress to Black Belt: unfortunately we can only teach the material. It is up to the individual to learn and practice what is shown.

It takes more than just a series of movements to master a technique. Every detail of every movement should be like breathing or walking. It should, in time, become second nature. This takes years of hard work and dedication.

On this journey you will meet many people who will share the same interest as you. These people will become known to you as your Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters. They will share in the same wealth of knowledge that you seek. They will sweat by your side; the will inspire you, work with you, help you, and laugh with you. Know them well for they are your Kung Fu Family.

You, as an individual, must train to be your personal best. Never get discouraged, and never tire. You may find things difficult at first, but with patience and perseverance you shall find your way.

Success builds with small accomplishments and failure will then be an obstacle to overcome and not a way of life.


Chinese Martial Arts Encourage:

Respect for Others • Respect for Excellence • Patience • Confidence • Courage • Energy • Discipline • Awareness • Focus • Breath Control • Balance


We offer morning and evening classes for your convenience! Private instruction available upon request. We focus equally on self-defense, physical fitness and overall good health! If you love to have fun and want to learn an ancient form of Martial Arts at the same time, come give us a try! See our Schedule of Classes for days and times.